[NABS-L] Aira at universities

Cricket X. Bidleman cricketbidleman at gmail.com
Fri Aug 16 22:52:14 UTC 2019


I'm the newly appointed "Education Subject-Matter Expert" at Aira;
it's a role that's taking shape over time. What I'd like to do is find
out whether Aira is useful at the university level because if there's
enough demand for it, I'll be spending quality time talking to various
offices, working on getting Aira access sponsored by the universities
themselves for both blind students and employees. And just a note that
when I say blind, I'm referring to Kenneth Jernigan's definition.
That's a good speech to read by the way. At any rate, if you're
interested, please reach out to me *off list* at
cricket.bidleman at aira.io. If there's a reason to generate conversation
on this list, feel free to do that too, of course. And please forward
this to all relevant individuals and mailing lists. Thanks!

Cricket X. Bidleman (she/her/hers)
Stanford University | Class of 2021
BA Candidate | Communications
Accessibility Consultant | Stanford University Computer Science
Director of Communications | Associated Students of Stanford University (ASSU)
Education SME and Student Liaison | AIRA
Secretary | California Association of Blind Students (CABS)

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