[NABS-L] National scholarship and undecided about major

Mikayla Gephart mikgephart at icloud.com
Fri Dec 27 22:42:18 UTC 2019

Hi all,

     I hope you are having a restful break from school and a happy holiday. 

     I am working on my application for the national scholarship, which will be the first major scholarship I have applied to receive. However, I am still undecided about my major and career goals. I went to college planning on majoring in Child Development and becoming a teacher, but am now changing course. I am a little nervous, because when I read about the scholarship winners in the Braille Monitor, they all seem to know their major or career goals. Would it look better if I share the major and career goal I am strongly considering now, or write undecided and list all the majors and career goals I am currently considering. Also, has anyone on here gotten a scholarship after putting “undecided” on their essay? One of the most frustrating thing so far in college has been that most freshmen seem to know exactly what they are planning on studying. I am just afraid that the committee will read my list of possible majors and the word “undecided”, and have concerns about giving me the scholarship. Thank you for any help.


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