[NABS-L] CABS 2020 Football Playoffs Survivor Pool

Martin Becerra-Miranda martinbecerramiranda at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 31 00:20:00 UTC 2019

After Sunday nights thriller in Seattle, the top 12 teams are set for another crazy Super Bowl run.

Once again the Colorado Association of Blind Students will be holding ouR playoff survivor pool. We all know the games are a lot of fun but why not make it even more so by putting up a little bit of cash. Oh yeah… And help out the student association while you’re at it.

The games begin this Saturday, January 4 aT 2:35 PM MST.Please see the rules below and feel free to get a hold of me with any questions.

Thank you,
Martin Becerra-Miranda

Cost is $20 to join
Payment must be received by January 4, 2020  or you will be unable to participate
Three methods for making payment are:

Mail check payable to Colorado Association of Blind Students Email cabs.students at gmail.com to receive current CABS treasurer mailing info.
Cash in person to any CABS board member
Send payment via Venmo to Carina (Board Member) @corozco31


Select one NFL team per week to win their game
You can only pick the same team once with the exception of the NFC championship game, AFC Championship Game and Super Bowl in which even if you have already previously picked a team you may pick that team again.
If your team doesn’t win their game you will be knocked out.
We are not counting the Pro-Bowl as a part of the post season, thus participants need not pick this game.
Picks should be emailed to Martin Becerra-Miranda at mbecerra at cocenter.org by the kick off of the first game of each round.
If your pick is not submitted by this time you will be knocked out.
If you pick the same team more than once in the first two rounds you will also be knocked out.
We will email out picks after the kick off of the first game for the week so you know who to route for and against.
We will send a reminder email to submit your picks each Wednesday.

Prize Pool Distribution:

50% goes to the Colorado Association of Blind Students
Winner takes 35%
2nd place takes 15%
The winner will be determined by the last person standing
If there are multiple people still standing prior to the super bowl, said individuals will also be asked to predict the total number of points that will be scored during the super bowl.
In the event that selecting the winner of the super Bowl does not determine a winner it will be determined by proximity of ones predicted number of points to the actual number of points scored in the game.
In the event that multiple individual’s total number of points are the same distance from the actual number of points scored, the prize pool will be split accordingly.
In the event that all individuals except one individual go out in wild card weekend, then said individual who picked correctly wins both the first and second place prizes.

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