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Hello there. I would suggest trying to
get your hands on the braille music curriculum by Richard Taesch.
Speaking as someone who both used braille music to
get my music degree and as someone who now teaches braille music, I
think he's really got the best sequence of teaching concepts and
building upon one thing to
the next. To be honest with you, I really wasn't super impressed with
the Hadley course when I took it to
check it out a few years ago. I wound up sticking with the Taesch to
guide my own teaching.  It has been a while since I’ve had to go looking
for it, but if NLS doesn’t have it I believe it can be purchased through
Dancing Dots at dancingdots.com.

 Also, if you are still in high school this coming school year, you would
still be young enough to attend the  Braille Beats Fine Arts Program  next
summer. It is a nine day residential music and fine arts intensive held in
Michigan, usually the second to last or last week of June. I really credit
it with preparing me for my high school band experiences and college when I
wasn’t getting braille music support through my local school, and it’s the
program I teach braille music for now.  If you would like more information
on it you can email  Braillebeats at gmail.com  and keep it on your radar for
next summer.

Also, please feel free to reach out if you have any other questions that
you want to ask off list. My email that I check more regularly, and which
doesn’t get cluttered up with listserv messages, is kaiti.shelton at gmail.com

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Thank you :-) I am aware of this, but, I’m really looking for somewhere I
can learn it from. I think they only have music if you want to learn
pieces. But I haven’t read a piece of Braille music in nearly 10 years

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> The National Library Service has Braille music.
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> Hey folks!
> I was wondering if anyone had any resources for learning braille music. I
learned it way back in middle school but haven’t really used it since then.
I’d love to pick it back up and start playing instruments again. I checked
Hadley, but, their Braille music course has been discontinued.
> Thanks in advance,
> Dan
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