[NABS-L] Job Interview: Seeking Advice on Disclosing my Disability

Jorge Paez paezja at mail.broward.edu
Fri Jul 26 20:27:40 UTC 2019

I’m totally blind so, there’s kinda an automatic disclosure the moment I walk in the room.
That said, for phone interviews, I never ever disclose my blindness.
The only time I ever mentioned it was once when I was applying to work with a missing child non profit because I was afraid that my job might’ve included looking at pictures which it did.
Other then that though I don’t disclose on the phone, and like I said for face to face interviews my presence is an automatic disclosure.


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> Hi everyone,
> Hope you all are having a great summer.
> I applied for a part time job at my college's library and just found out today that they want to do a phone interview. The application just consisted of a resume, so other than the fact that my work experience includes working at a camp for blind and visually impaired youth, I haven't yet disclosed my disability. Since it's not an in-person interview, my blindness won't be obvious unless it comes up during the interview. Do you have any suggestions for how/when I should handle disclosure? Any general job interview tips would also be appreciated, since this is really my first official job interview.
> Thank you, and happy weekend!
> Emmie
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