[NABS-L] YouTube TV doesn’t have video Description

Simon Bonenfant sbonenfant2 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 30 16:13:34 UTC 2019

Well, just my opinion here, but I would not cancel pay service just because it does not have audio description. There’s a lot of other good advantages, and you cannot expect everyone to have audio description. It would be good in a perfect world, but that is not where we are and it’s not what we are for several years when it comes to audio description. It’s not surprising to me at all, and I use YouTube TV and think it is a great service.

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> On Jul 26, 2019, at 2:29 PM, Jorge Paez via NABS-L <nabs-l at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> TV providers aren’t required to cary video descriptions and channels aren’t obligated to do it either.
> I believe all that is voluntary at this point.
> The only ones that are required to do so by law are the movie theaters, and a lot of the studios like Amazon do that but that’s of their own will.
>> On Jul 26, 2019, at 3:24 PM, Armando Vias via NABS-L <nabs-l at nfbnet.org> wrote:
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>> Well, just tried the YouTube TV app, and guess what? No video description! I can’t believe it. I believe in equal access to television. There is a secondary audio programming channel, but it doesn’t carry the video described version. Until they add the video description feature to the YouTube TV app, I have canceled my membership in the middle of the trial.
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