[NABS-L] My Personal Introduction

Kaden Calahan kaden.calahan at gmail.com
Thu Mar 7 19:18:24 UTC 2019

Hi all,
I just recently joined this list and its really cool to see the
activity that goes on here. I figured that it would be appropriate to
introduce myself, and so I will. My name is Kaden Calahan, and I am 19
years old. I attend the University of New Mexico here in Albuquerque,
and I have lived in New Mexico my whole life. I love both playing and
watching sports, hiking, camping, and pretty much anything to do with
being outdoors. I also enjoy Amateur Radio, and the tinkering aspects
of the hobby, trying different things to get the equipment to work,
seeing what will and will not work is pretty amusing, so I guess its
kind of ironic that I didn't go into electrical engineering or
something like that. I serve as Vice-President of NMABS, so I have met
a variety of talented, successful blind students in our wonderful
state, and I hope to get the chance to meet some of you here on the
national level. I am majoring in secondary education, and my goal is
to become a high school English teacher. This year, I will likely be
attending our national convention for the 2nd time, after returning
from our Washington Seminar in January.

I look forward to meeting you all


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