[NABS-L] Question about using skype and college writing centers for writing papers and getting assistance with them

Carlos Montas carlos.montas at att.net
Fri Mar 8 04:08:26 UTC 2019

Good evening to all. My name is Carlos Montas. It has been a while. For those of you who do not know, I am pursuing my Masters in Public Administration through an online program through Liberty University. I was wondering if any of you have used your Universities writing center? If you have, what has been your experience? I want to use the writing center  so that I can become a better writer. One  of the things is that I would need to use skype to meet with thewriting staff. Using jaws will I need to download scrips so that Jaws will work better with skype?  One of the issues that I am concerned about is being able to use the track changes  in word with  Jaws. I have not had much success with this. Do any of you have any suggestions? Feel free to write to me of list. Thanks again
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