[NABS-L] Making graphs on Microsoft XL!

Kendra Schaber redwing731 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 2 23:00:10 UTC 2019

Hi all! 
I’m the student who’s taking environmental science who has picked brains and ranted on graphs last week. I’m back with a related query but a bit more narrowed down. I’m suposed to learn how to make a scatterplot using Microsoft XL next week in my science lab. I got dirrections on how to do this but they are not for screen reader users. They keep talking about using the mouse to get half of the dirrections done. How would I make a scatterplot without the mouse? How would I do this using a computer keyboard instead? I’m using a Dell laptop computer with both JAWS and NVDA installed on it. I also have Microsoft XL, I think it’s 2016 but will have to double check. The sighted dirrections I got are for XL 2016. I think you guys are more able to assist me with this query than the computer lady at the local Commission for the Blind. For one thing, she doesn’t know how to build graphs on Microsoft XL and for another, she is already swampped with other clients this term so even if she knew how to make such a graph, she wouldn’t have the time to teach me within reason. For a third, she also wants to work, on my listed spasific tech goals which were made before I knew I was going to be required to make graphs on Microsoft XL. So, honestly, I’ll need you guys to step in here and give me better dirrections here. Thank you!!! 

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Thank you for reading this email! Also, please note that I have eighth grade spelling. I'm well known for spelling mistakes. Ironicly, writing is one of my gifts. 
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