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Sandra Gayer sandragayer7 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 4 16:17:59 UTC 2019

Hello Sami,
I use a Braillenote Touch. I can't help with your questions because I
do not use the Internet with it. My needs are word processing and a
few other offline tasks. I use the computer or smartphone for email.
However, I hope someone answers you soon.

Very best wishes,

On 10/4/19, Sami Osborne via NABS-L <nabs-l at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a few somewhat unrelated questions for those who use the BrailleNote
> Touch.
> I've had mine for over a year now, and am really enjoying it so far. I feel
> that it's definitely an improvement over the Apex, especially in terms of
> crashing and other things. However, there are some things easily
> accomplished on the Apex that I haven't been able to figure out on the Touch
> yet. I've looked in the user guide as well as searched up things on
> Humanware's website, however the user guide is rather vague in some places
> (at least less clear than the Apexs' was), and there's nothing on the
> website about these things.
> First of all, how can you keep email attachments that you receive on the
> device? In my experience, you can save the attachment, but there might be
> times when you just decide to open it for some quick reading and then refer
> to it afterwords. Also, for some reason, if you open the attachment directly
> and then intend to go back to it, the document (and sometimes the whole
> email itself) will just randomly disappear with no explanation. Has anyone
> had that happen to them?
> Also related to email, is there a way to  just quickly select multiple
> recipients? Whenever I've had to do this, I would add the name and email
> address in my contacts, and then choose the button that says "Select
> recipient." However there may be times when you need to send an email once
> to multiple people, and you might not need to always keep their addresses.
> On the Apex, it will just say "Send to:," "Also send to:," "Copy to:," and
> "Blind copy to:." Also while we're on that note, is there a way to
> copy/blind copy someone on an email with the Touch.
> Finally, is there a way to navigate between pages in Google Drive or Docs? I
> tried pressing SPACE with M for the context menu, but it doesn't give me
> that option, plus SPACE with T to navigate elements, but that doesn't work
> in those kinds of documents. I know you can find a specific term which can
> bring you to the next page, but you may not always know what words are
> contained in the document, so I think it would be easier to scroll between
> pages.
> I hope you guys who use a BrailleNote Touch can help me out, because these
> quirky new adjustments from the Apex are really starting to get to me.
> Thanks for your help,
> Sami
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