[NABS-L] vollunteering and small towns verses big towns or cities

andrew edgcumbe rollercoasterman86 at gmail.com
Mon Oct 28 03:24:28 UTC 2019

Hi My name is Andrew from Ontario Canada. I  just wanted to ask few
things. I live in a small town and  that is a real struggle mostly
because I am having a hard time finding vollunteer type  stuff. I been
having trouble finding vollunteer work and stuff like that ways to
vollunteer that is. I  have either been told i need somebody with me
or they just plane don't communicate with me about things fully.
Anyway  that has been a real struggle for me I will say I am not the
most skilled or experienced blind person.  I am not sure how you all
have gone about doing vollunteer type stuff but what troubles have you
run into if any like what were you able to do if you have vollunteered
or are vollunteering what are you doing or have you done?  I have been
having trouble finding the help I need again i live in a small town.
I did go to a employmentsupport agency and they basically said they
don't have resources to help me.  she says i need computer and iphone
training I do realize allot of things or jobs or whatever needs the
technology but as far as vollunteering goes i feel there is still ways
to vollunteer without having to be an exburt on technology or to good
at it far as vollunteering goes.  I don't know if any of you would
have pointers or not when it comes to finding ways to vollunteering or
not.  The other thing is this in your experiences are bigger cities
better for blind people or does it really make any differences big or
small when it comes to vollunter opportunities or just opportunities
for things over all.  transportation wise it isn't to bad as there is
a van that does come to my door  but i am looking for some pointers if
there is any on vollunteering mostly. like as far as big or small
towns or cities do you feel there is more opportunity in bigger center
for things like vollunteering or whatever?

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