[NABS-L] College Board AccuPlacer exexam

Justin Ekis justin at ekis.us
Thu Jun 4 16:54:05 UTC 2020

Hey there everyone,  

This is my first post here. I’m finally headed back to community college, after having to drop out for medical reasons back in 2012. I’ll be majoring in Computer Information Technology, with a concentration in cyber defense. I guess my math class from my previous college didn’t satisfy some requirement or other, because I have to take the math portion of the entrance exam again.

 This test is called the AcuPlacer, and it is through the college board. 

Has anyone tried to take this exam with any screenreader?  It isn’t reading properly on my windows 10 system. I’ve tried Jaws, NVDA, and narrator,  with FireFox and the latest chromium based Microsoft Edge.   It just reads blank spaces where the numbers should be. NVDA says clickable, but if I press enter or space, it says "math interaction not supported." I’ve made sure that my OS, screenreaders, and browsers are fully up-to-date. Is there anything else I can do to make this work? 



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