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Hi Jorge thanks for your message. Contact the Director of the Florida Division Of Blind Services via email. Tell him why you feel the Rehab Center's Independent Living Skills program was not helpful.  Explain that you would like to attend an Nfb training center. Be sure that you have thoroughly researched the programs that are offered at the Nfb training center that you would like to attend. All three of the Nfb training centers are currently closed, and I am not sure when they will reopen. In the meantime, find some articles in the Braille Monitor that are dedicated to the training centers. Join the mailing list for the Colorado Center For The Blind, and the student lists for Louisiana and Minnesota. You can ask as many questions as you want on these lists. Contact Denise Valkema, and see if she can help you with your case.

On Jun 28, 2020 12:25 AM, Jorge Alejandro Paez via NABS-L <nabs-l at nfbnet.org> wrote:
Hello everyone:
I find myself in the following predicament at the moment.
2 years ago I applied to go to an NFB training center and was denyed, isntead being sent up to a center here in Florida which other than a very good O&M instructor, had nothing good about it.
It was a total waste of time, but I also had a lot of health issues going on at the time that I needed to take care of, so between what i was experiencing and the realization that I wasn’t doing anything worth my time I withdrew.
Now the issues have been resolved but I’m doing extremely poorly in school and I know it’s because of lack of skills.
Skills that I could learn at an NFB training center.
However the last time I tried to lobby them for this I was alone, and wasn’t really connected with the NFB.
Now I am though.
So my question is who can I contact from the NFB to help me out?
I already reached out to my state president but she’s not helpful at all.
She sent me a document that I had used to present my first case but offered no more help than that, and this being Florida where we have our own state-controlled center I need help overcoming that objection.
Is there anyone that can help me?
I’m aware COVID has greatly reduced or shut down our center’s capabilities, however because it takes such a long time for DBS to do anything, plus the fact that I realized today I can no longer continue in school lacking these skills, I want to start advocating for this, and I know strength in numbers counts.
Please let me know who I should contact, if there is someone specific or any recommendations you may have.


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