[nagdu] tripping on bones

KAYE KIPP kkipp123 at msn.com
Mon Dec 7 04:07:41 UTC 2009

I'm always tripping over Marjorie's nylabones.  I guess I figure it's just 
part of having a dog.  I had a basket for one of my dog's toys but it didn't 
do much good.  I still tripped on them.

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> Hi list,
> I hope this isn't too dumb and off topic for this list, but I feel like I 
> am always tripping over Gilbert's nylabones.  I don't remember tripping 
> over bones when I had pets, probably because they chewed the rawhide 
> bones, and did not leave them unattended until they were gone (smile). 
> Therefore I knew where the bones were by the sound of the dog crunching 
> it.  But with Gilbert, we use nylabones, and he likes to chew on them, as 
> well as run all around the house and randomly drop them for me to trip 
> over them and scrape up my feet on the rough edges.  I was just wondering 
> if this is something that drives you crazy with any of your guide dogs. 
> Can you do anything like train your dog to only chew on bones in a certain 
> area so you know where they will be, or is this just part of life when you 
> have a guide dog? I'm interested in your thoughts.  Thanks.
> Allison and Gilbert
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