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LOL, great topic.  Is there anyone out there who in addition to the nyla
bone topic, could lend advice on how to get my partner to stop kicking his
shoes off and leaving them any old place he chooses? If we can get the dog
to put his toys away maybe we could teach the two legged puppies as well.

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Hi list,
I hope this isn't too dumb and off topic for this list, but I 
feel like I am always tripping over Gilbert's nylabones.  I don't 
remember tripping over bones when I had pets, probably because 
they chewed the rawhide bones, and did not leave them unattended 
until they were gone (smile).  Therefore I knew where the bones 
were by the sound of the dog crunching it.  But with Gilbert, we 
use nylabones, and he likes to chew on them, as well as run all 
around the house and randomly drop them for me to trip over them 
and scrape up my feet on the rough edges.  I was just wondering 
if this is something that drives you crazy with any of your guide 
dogs.  Can you do anything like train your dog to only chew on 
bones in a certain area so you know where they will be, or is 
this just part of life when you have a guide dog? I'm interested 
in your thoughts.  Thanks.
Allison and Gilbert

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