[nagdu] Blind clicker training methods /Shaman was good

Mardi Hadfield wolfsinger.lakota at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 21:08:09 UTC 2009

Hi every one, When I use clicker training for Shaman or the rescue dogs,I
found using a halti on the dogs ,helped me to feel when the dogs head was
turned towards me. I would then turn my head towards them . They would then
think I was making eye contact with them at the same time they were making
eye contact with me.I find that with the halti, I can feel the head turning
and also in which direction it turns, because the leash is attached to the
head and not the collar at the neck. I also used targeting at times. I went
to the bank on the 3rd of December and The bus I got had a ramp instead of a
lift. Shaman and I went up the ramp together and no one bothered the dog.
Shaman did not get distracted because no one petted him. He did his work
flawlessly. Some days I think he is never going to learn and the next day he
does it perfectly. I really enjoyed going out  and I got a lot accomplished
that day. Shaman was so good.I think if people would leave him alone all the
time, he would never need to be corrected, and he would do his job with out
any problems. When I have to correct him more than once, he starts to ignore
the corrections and things go from bad to worse. Even with the clicker, if
some one has distracted him, he ignores the clicker and being he is not
really food motivated, he will also ignore the treat. Once he is distracted,
it takes him some time to get over it. It is mostly people that do the
distracting, but some times he gets distracted by other dogs. I had him
pretty much over the dog distractions until the guy down the street started
walking his 2 Pit Bulls by my house and encouraged them to fight with my
dogs through the fence. Now Shaman growls at large dogs. I have to hold him
tight and keep telling him to leave it. I hope I can correct this behaviour
as I never know when I might encounter another dog on the bus. So far I have
been lucky and there has not been any other dogs on the bus at the same time
as us. Any one have any ideas on this one? Nala always ignored people and
other dogs. I almost never had to correct her for any thing. Have a great
day,  Mardi and Shaman, and Nala,retired.


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