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Dear Wayne,

You can find Mutt Mitts  at 1-859-689-7200 or muttmitt.com
These bags extend up your arm like a long mitten, with a
reinforced mitten-type end for your pick-up hand.

I find the Mutt Mit bags to be a bit restrictive when "sweeping"
the area for any stray pieces though. Not to be graphic but once
I scoop the main pile up, I squeeze my hand around it to seal
anything from falling out and use another part of the bag when
feeling around to make sure I got everything. For this reason, I
prefer bags that are gusseted. This allows greater flexibility
when maneuvering the bag around. 

My favorite bags are Little Stinkers. They can be purchased in 3
packs of 20 each or 100 in a package. Each bag in the 20 pack is
folded very flat and comes in a plastic pouch that can be easily
carried in your pocket. The folded bags also fit easily into my
harness pouch.  
Pet Food Direct sells them and offers a 20% discount for guide
dog users. Simply write guidedog in the promotion code. Here's
the link:


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The Mutt Mits sound very interesting. Anyone have a link where I
can read more about them? Is it fairly easy to get your hand in
and out of the mits?


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