[nagdu] Nala had to have emergency surgery

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I am glad she is well!

Tami Smith-Kinney

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Hi every one, The other night, the dogs were out side and I heard a
commotion. I went out to see what was going on and the dog were having a
dispute.I yelled for them to stop and they did. I brought them in and tried
to check them to make sure no one had any wounds. I did not find Nala's
injury until the next morning.Her right K9 was was broken as well as part of
her upper jaw. The vet had to remove the tooth and a piece of the bone also.
She is doing well.Why do these things always happen during the up coming
holidays? It seems that every year, I am hit with a large vet bill just
before Christmas.I think I am going to start budgeting for next years
catastrophe , as soon as this years is payed off.I guess I am going to make
gifts this year.At least Nala is OK.That is the important thing. I want to
wish every one a happy holiday,which ever one you celebrate. Now I must go
and get creative...............  Have a great day,  Mardi and Shaman and

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