[nagdu] Adrian jumping on people on street! Consideringretirement

Hope Paulos hope.paulos at maine.edu
Thu Dec 24 18:10:32 UTC 2009

Using the GL hopefully will do the trick for stopping him from jumping. I'll 
be thinking of you and please keep us posted.
Hope and Beignet
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> Iona,
> I think the Gentle Leader is a great idea.
> He will be sorry if he lunges & has that thing on his nose.
> Happens only once a month?
> Hard to imagine why.
> Does he jump on people he knows?  People who look like someone he knows? 
> Or
> is it just random?
> You might have someone help you by giving him a good knee to the chest 
> when
> he jumps, if you could predict such a thing.
> I think every guide dog has some kind of behavior the handler just about
> can't tolerate.
> I hope you can get this one under control.
> Keeping you in my prayers,
> Susan & Rhoda
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> Hi all,
> I wish you a great happy healthy 2010 and a wonderful Christmas and 
> holiday
> season in general to you and your guides and all your loved ones.
> I am however writing about a rather disturbing problem I have with Adrian.
> He has started to every once in a while jump at a person passing on the
> street next to us. No growling or straining before or after the jump. 
> After
> he does it he is perfectly calm and response to me perfectly. Did any of 
> you
> ever have to deal with such an issue with any guide? A trainer will come 
> in
> January and see us work. I am worried that he will not catch him in the 
> act
> because it is not a regular thing. We did get 1 jump on film and will send
> it to the school. We are hoping to find out what is motivating him. Fear,
> play drive or pray drive or aggression but we think the last one is very
> unlikely. I have tried the prong caller (the only thing that made him stop
> barking at other dogs and sometimes at people). I fear that punishing the
> barking repressed the behaviour and now I am stuck with this jumps with no
> warning that are harder to control.
> Will try gentle leader again in hopes that I can detect movement towards 
> the
> person before he jumps. The frustrating thing is that I have no warning 
> and
> can only react after he has done it. I don't want to give up on him and 
> will
> try getting him out more giving him more play rewarding him for just 
> passing
> people on the street but although this has decreased the problem from 1 2
> times  day to 1 in a month I am thinking it is 1 too many. Should I retire
> him? He is my first dog and we have worked well for almost 2 years so the
> idea of doing so breaks my heart. He did not hurt anyone but it is scary 
> for
> people and frustrating for me. The pity is that for the rest he does
> outstanding guide work and has a great disposition.
> This is confirmed by mobility instructors and school trainers in past
> visits.
> Am I overreacting? I don't think so and yet the idea of retiring him makes
> me feel as if I give up on him too easily. He does not seam stressed while
> working and is always ready for it. But what else to try I could not say.
> Thanks for your ideas and support!
> Ioana
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