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What is PWD?

And you make a good point. Who certifies? If the schools where the people 
train certify them, then what about these independents, particularly those 
who train their own dogs. And, of course, NAC was a certification outfit 
that certified places, but any of us who knows the history of NAC knows what 
certification meant for agencies and schools serving the bolind. So why 
bother if you can't certify better than that? Suppose the Guide Dog School 
Association, whose official name I don't remember, certified trainers? Would 
they be willing to certify an independent, and would such a person be 
willing to do that (be certified by such a certifying body?)


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and who certifies the trainers?

There is no certifying body for dog trainers.  If I want to call
myself a dog trainer, I can.  There are outfits like CPDT who are
trying to certify pet dog trainers but it's all voluntary.  The guide
and service dogs, with the exception of California, may "certify"
their trainers but it's about as valuable as the paper it's printed on.

California "certifies" it's trainers but frankly, I would hate to see
an outfit like the California guide dog board become the norm.

I also think it's a step awy from certifying trainers to certifying PWD.

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