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Dan Weiner dcwein at dcwein.cnc.net
Fri Dec 25 18:43:30 UTC 2009

Hello, Adrijana.

I hope you're doing well this Christmas.
Actually, I've already wished you a merry Christmas but I'm happy to wish
you and all list members a happy holiday season on list.

Adrijana and I have talked about guide dogs a lot through the miracle of the
computer and I'm glad that she's decided to join the list, welcome.

For those of you who don't remember me--smile, my name is Dan Weiner
(pronounced to rhyme with miner)--smile.
I'm a thirty-nine-year-old totally blind guy living now in Winter Park,
Florida, where I was born. It's near Orlando.
I have a spunky, hard-working, and goofy black lab guide dog from Leader
Dogs named Carter.
He's my third doggie.
My field is foreign language translation and I also do music-related stuff.

So, enjoy the holidays guys and see you all later.

Dan W. and the Carter Hound  

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I am a new member to this list, so thought to write and say hello. My name
is Adrijana and I am a 30-year old blind lady from Macedonia.
Unfortunatelly, I do not have my own guide dog, because there are no such
training centers in my country, but I would be happy to own one one day, if
an opportunity presents itself to me. I would wellcome any information about
organizations that may provide this service to people from other countries
like my own. I would also be happy to gain some more friends, so if you wish
to write me on the list or privately, feel free to do so.

 Happy holidays,


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