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That is what cetification is all about rox,  certification if it were to
come to that would and should be something bestowed upon through a separate
entity other then a school providing guide dogs.  Recently in new york even
teaching assistants now must have a certain amount of schooling and pass a
state standardized test.  I would think that this organization  we prescribe
to would be a driving force in coming up with a proper measure  of what
would be included in a certification process. Perhaps Hadley or some other
institutions  could develop a guide certification included in their mobility
courses. I would think this should and would include canes, guides animals
of all types  and a course in companion animals which help our peers with
other needs outside of mobility.  Having such a program offered at
educational institutions takes the responsibility and places  it squarely
where others looking for certifications and qualifications  get them. That
way the independent  trainers could get certified as well. This would most
certainly improve things dramatically  across  all levels. 

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If there is certifications for trainers, I don't think the schools  
should get to certify their own trainers.  Law firms don't certify  
their own lawyers; Hospitals don't certify their own doctors.  I also  
don't know how fair it would be to owner trainers if the programs were  
the ones certifying them.  I can say that as an OT myself, I'm not  
comfortable with this at all.

Oh and PWD is person with a disability, or Portuguese Water dog, you  
take your pick.
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