[nagdu] A White New Year...

AnnaLisa Anderson annalisa at sector14.net
Thu Dec 31 16:21:00 UTC 2009

Oh Tami, that is too funny!!  Especially when here in St. Paul, MN, last week 
over Christmas we had a **real** snowstorm with over a foot in most places.  
People here don't know how to drive in the first snow either.  But a foot of 
snow hardly slows us down much.  we get plowed out right away and we're good 
to go.  We still go out when it's snowing like crazy though unless it's 
really windy and there's white-out conditions.  Funny how things do sound 
different though after a fresh snow, muffled somehow like the snow dampens 
the sound.  Of course my Sunny is a snow bunny... She loves diving and 
rolling in the white stuff and making snow dog angels.  Her face gets all 
white, then when she's done, her fine golden hair has big clumps of snow 
hanging from it all over.  It's quite the sight!  But she never is happier 
than when she can play in the fresh new snow.

Thanks for sharing, I got a good laugh!!  Have fun and happy New Year!!

AnnaLisa and Sundance the snow puppy


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