[nagdu] Something not to put in your dog's harness pouch

Jenine Stanley jeninems at wowway.com
Wed Sep 1 00:53:16 UTC 2010

Oh, now that's one of those stories that's not funny, but really funny.

One of our Puppy Walkers had the very good idea of saving empty prescription
bottles, taking the labels off and using them to transport poop samples to
the vet's. You only need a little bit and not to be graphic or anything, but
one piece should do it. Most child-proof caps are also great at keeping odor
in the bottle. 

There's also a little plastic gismo called a fecal sampler. It's hard to
describe without going to get one but if anyone wants to know what it looks
like, I'll give it a shot in another message. We give them to our puppy
walkers for their brand new pups. You stick this gismo down into a sample,
get some on the pointy part and screw it back together. Voila! Clean and
odor free, and small enough to fit into your jacket pocket or harness pouch.

I believe these are available through places like KV Vet Supply, not sure
where our kennel staff gets them. 

Jenine Stanley
jeninems at wowway.com

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Hi, All, just had to share something that happened yesterday.
I had a scheduled vet visit for my dog and they had asked me to bring along
a poop sample. Well, I was going to work for half a day before the
appointment and I had his sample so I thought that it would be convenient to
double bag it and tuck it in his harness pouch since all I ever carry in it
is his poop bags anyway. When we got off the bus near my work place, we
started walking and he just got like as he was really distracted, actually
more distracted than I've ever seen him be. I couldn't figure it out, I
didn't hear any other dogs or didn't sense anything else that was
out-of-the-ordinary. He was sniffing and sniffing and looking around and
rushing a bit. We got to work and it came time to take him out to relieve at
around noontime. He was still acting like he was in a hurry and sniffing and
sniffing and looking around just really acting weird. It finally occurred to
me that I think it was probably due to having his poop in his harness pouch.
I suspect when the wind blew he could smell it even though  I couldn't and
he was probably wondering why on earth his poop was following him
everywhere! I just didn't think about the fact that the dogs sense of smell
is so much more sensitive than ours and he'd probably wonder why he kept
smelling his poop like that!
So, moral of the story, don't drive your poor dog crazy and put his poop in
his harness pouch!!
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