[nagdu] Luxury Pet Resort Opens at Walt Disney World Resort

cheryl echevarria cherylandmaxx at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 2 18:25:02 UTC 2010

If you traveling with your guide dog, or you would like to take you dog with 
you to Walt Disney World, now there is an option for you.

I have not been there yet to give you my own thoughts of this, but since I 
am a Disney Fanatic and so is my Guide Dog Maxx, I thought I would give you 
a heads up.

Also, if Meghan and Tamera want to post this in the Harness up on the NAGDU 
Website.  Please do and I will find out more information about it as I can.

This was announced today on the Disney Blog, and thought that both NAGDU and 
the Travel and Tourism Divisions would be interested since I am with both 

Anyway.  It just opened today officially in Walt Disney World and since our 
National Convention will be in Orlando, FL the next few years I thought it 
would be an interesting topic.

This is from the blog page itself

"Pet lovers . beginning today reservations are being accepted for a new 
luxury pet resort scheduled to open this summer at the Walt Disney World 
Resort. If you haven't heard, the new Best Friends Pet Resort will be a 
"best-of-breed" facility with air-conditioned rooms,"VIP" suites and private 
outdoor yards for your pet.

And yes, bedtime stories with staff will be included as one of the special 
features at the 50,000-square-foot resort. You'll also be able to choose 
from a list of la carte activities for your pet, including one-on-one play 
times and social playgroup with other dogs and ice cream time."

Hey if I were a dog also, why would I want to walk around the park, sounds 
like that they get pampered better then we do.

"The resort's exclusive dog park will have a fenced walking trail bordering 
natural wetlands around the park. Inside the trail, there will be different 
play areas, including a 3,300 square-foot area covered in artificial turf, a 
4,500 square-foot area with shade trees, and a 1,300 square-foot "canines 
only" water park."

For more information I am attaching the link to the webpage for best friends 
pet care.


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