[nagdu] Heat and Humidity with guide dogs

Susan Jones sblanjones11 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Sep 3 00:51:03 UTC 2010

Definitely some dogs do better or worse than others in the heat.
I had a black Lab who hated the heat; bummer 'cause I like summer a lot, and
enjoy being out on these long, warm days.
Most of my other dogs have tolerated it pretty well.  If I know I'm going to
be out on a hot day, I am careful to carry plenty of water for both Rhoda
and myself.

Susan & Rhoda

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Cool, pun intended.

Well, he's a Florida dog that Max, you see, that's what they call the
matching process, the trainers amaze me sometimes with their perceptiveness.
And this does raise and interesting question, have people found that some
dogs do better in the heat and others in the cooler weather?
It would be interesting to hear stories about this because we all live in
different parts of the country with widely varying weather.
Basically, shorn of my bombast, the problem with the heat is that I sort of
have to schedule myself around it, I mean if I go out and about for errands
it has to be early in the morning or around twilight or later.
Since I'm an early riser these days it's the morning and that does tend to
be a royal pain. Otherwise it's from an air-conditioned vehicle to an
air-conditioned building. Buses I'm careful with too as waiting at a bus
stop in 95 without shade looses it's charm pretty fast--lol.

I do this  scheduling to spare Carter the heat and hot sidewalk.

Though I was born here, I'm finding that this year I'm not equipped to deal
with this stuff and neither is Carter, so I'm being careful.

Take care and keep cool, or is it warm, whatever you want, just keep that



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