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What I use is "VirBic" Animal Health - epi-otic which is a prescription that
I get from the vet. It is anti-irritants, anti-adhesive which prevents
microbial attachment.
It varied in price a lot from one vet to the other ( $30.00 to 16.75 ) so,
you may want to shop around.
Scout had a yeast infection in his ears about 5 or 6 months ago, and this
has worked wonders for him, and the great thing is it smells Apple Blossoms.
 I certainly hope   this helps a little.
Daniel and Scout

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Hello All
Today I went to the vet because saunders is scratching his ears a lot. he
has a severe ear infection. I use an ear cleaner from petco but just do not
like the pasty feeling it gives my hands and how it makes his ears smell.
The vet said it looks like I do not dry his ears good enough maybe and when
I showed him what I use he said he does not recommend it. Does anyone have
any good ear cleaner suggestion and also can people give suggestions of how
to get the ears nice and dry after cleaning? Thank you. After this ear
cleaner medication ends in a week or 2 and switching him. Love what gdb used
so might call them to and find out what they used.
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