[nagdu] Reasonable Accommodation?

Julie J julielj at windstream.net
Sun Sep 5 11:48:00 UTC 2010


My opinion from what I know, is that you are correct.  A letter outlining 
the issue and your request for accommodations should be sufficient.  The FHA 
states that you must have fair enjoyment of your home, not equal access. 
That's why emotional support animals are allowed.  Anyhow, if it were me, 
I'd send the letter requiring signature confirmation so they can't pretend 
they didn't get it.  I'd also include something that until the backyard 
complies with the terms of your agreed upon contract you will need to 
exercise Mitsy in the front yard.   Perhaps that will inspire them to work 
harder at fulfilling their end of the bargain, if they are really that upset 
at the idea of you using your front yard.

I'm not sure about the specific circumstances of your living arrangement or 
the local leash laws, but here you can have your dog off leash in your own 
yard fence or no fence.  that doesn't violate the leash laws.  It's only 
when the untrained beasts see me and my dog and take off running and leave 
their yard that it becomes a legal issue. *smile*

Best of luck,

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