[nagdu] [Flagdu] Samsung Haven & Gusto

David Andrews dandrews at visi.com
Fri Sep 10 17:41:19 UTC 2010

The Haven has been positively reviewed and mentioned in a number of 
places.  Apparently it is pretty successful.  I have seen nothing 
anywhere abou5t a "Gusto" that doesn't mean it isn't accessible, bu5t 
who knows.  Nuance produces test to speech software, such as 
Eloquence that JAWS and others use, or Vocalizer in the Stream.  They 
also develop the Talks screen reader used on various phones.
So, just telling you Nuance wouldn't necessarily indicate whether or 
not a phone is accessible.


At 10:02 AM 9/10/2010, Marion Gwizdala wrote:
>Dear All,
>     I apologize in advance if this message is off-topic for a 
> couple of the lists, but it is blindness-related, so it is of 
> general interest to all on these lists. I read an article in the 
> Matilda Ziegler Magazine about the Samsung Haven. According to the 
> author, this phone, available through Verizon Wireless is 
> completely accessible. I have contacted Verizon and was told that 
> they have another Samsung  phone - the Gusto - that comes loaded 
> off the shelf with Nuance speech. Does anyone know if this phone is 
> as accessible as the Haven? Merry and I want to purchase one and 
> would like to know if this is an option. Does the Nuance speech 
> make it accessible or are does it depend upon the phone itself?
>     Apparently, the only differences between the two phones is 
> their size. the Haven is slightly larger and, as the result, has 
> larger keys. I was told that the Gusto is about the size of the 
> phone I am currently using. Furthermore, the Haven costs $40 and 
> although the Gusto costs $50, it has a $50 mail-in rebate making it 
> virtually free. any product review would be greatly appreciated!
>fraternally yours,

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