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Sun Sep 12 14:11:12 UTC 2010

okay, I have finished my part now let's hear from you.  If you would like 
the rest e-mail to you instead of going to the other sights let me knows.

Also, please respond from your talk list, someone may have the same question 
as you, so please if I didn't answer it, I will be glad to.

I hope I have answered everyone's questions there is a lot to know.  When 
you do something for the first time, there usually is and we don't always 
get it the first time.

write down what pertains to you, if you are not blind or diabetic, but knows 
someone who is, or uses as guide dog, etc.  We all learn something every 

If you have had a good experience, I want to know if you had a bad 
experience in the past okay as well, but please do not put down anyone, do 
not say don't do that because they stink, things change, especially if the 
cruise lines know about it when it happens and not weeks later when you have 
to write up a letter to the department and wait for weeks for an answer.

So thank you for your time these last 2 days this will help a lot of people.

So anyone out there want to go on a cruise, especially for the guide dog 
foundation, last day to book is December 31st, and I can do payment plans. 
So please help this awesome school.  I have 3 clients already so that is 
$450 that will go to GDF.

The biggest compliment you can pay me is to recommend my services!

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