[nagdu] leashes

Katrin Andberg katrin at maplewooddog.com
Sun Sep 19 19:12:59 UTC 2010

I got a very nice service dog/guide dog/multi-purpose leash made by Hogan
Leather.  It cost about $50 but has held up incredibly well over the years
and is wonderful to handle.  She made it specifically at a 3/5" wide for me
as I have smaller hands and do not like a wider lead.  Most of the ones I
have seen that programs give out are either 3/4" or 1" and that is way too
wide for my hands to handle comfortably.  I also like a lead with larger O
rings to snap onto as I fold it in a particular way so that it doesn't flop
around and the owner of Hogan Leather was very accommodating with my specs
and made it just the way I prefer.  Before I got the Hogan Leather one I
used to use a Bridgeport Equipment multi-purpose lead but found that the
stitching fell apart after about 1.5 years and I kept having to replace
them.  I am not hard on my equipment either and make sure to take good care
of it, but still the Bridgeport leads kept falling apart on me at the
stitching.  I would often take it to a local shop repair place to get it
restitched.  I also found that the Bridgeport ones would stretch
considerably, the Hogan Leather one has had minimal stretching.  My Hogan
Leather one is braided, not stitched, then doubly reinforced with rivets.
It has never cracked or even attempted to fall apart during the years that I
have had it.  I very much like it and would recommend their products and


Katrin Andberg
katrin at maplewooddog.com

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