[nagdu] Joyce's Intro

Joyce Pratt jcp54 at comcast.net
Wed Sep 22 18:16:11 UTC 2010

Hello all,.

Thanks for the welcome!  
Tracy: Where in North Jersey do you live? I am from Jersey also!\Cindi: What
a wonderful surprise to see you on the list....YES...I should be coming to
the next PDC gathering..  Gary just had a meeting here at SPC for the PHEWA!

So, here I am with Kia and we have had our first anniversary in August!  She
is my first guide dog and we are learning more about each other all the
Towards the end of the winter, I had to change her over to  weight control
food, as she does not get as much exercise on a daily basis as she should
(Me either!)  I have someone here that walks/runs with her a couple of days
a week now...that helps.  
We love to travel.  Kia has been on 4 roundtrip airplane ride, 1 long
distance train ride, car trips, 6 Broadway shows, 3 concerts and spent some
time in New York city!   We are active when we travel, but slow down when we
are home.

I do not expect perfection, as none of us are perfect....I correct when
necessary, but don't get upset  over it...we just will review that part of
the training to be sure Kia stays alert!!  YES...she sleeps in the bed with
us (Gary and I) and she does NOT hog the bed...she I very polite!  Hehe

Kia is a 60-65 lb. black lab....EVERYBODY loves KIA!!!  I try to be a good
advocate and help educate people about guide dogs.  People think the
funniest things about working dogs don't they?

I am originally from Salem, Mass, have a home in North Jersey and live in
upstate New York at a Presbyterian conference center as a volunteer.  My
hubby and I are thinking about hosting next years' RP Social here on campus!

OK...hate lengthy emails...so I'll cut this short...like me...cause I am
only 4 foot 4 inches tall!  He he

Have a great day all and thanks for being out there!

Joyce Cass Pratt and 
Seeing Eye Guide KIA!

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