[nagdu] Issuing dogs at 18 months - is it too young?

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My other thought is that if the dog comes through a formal dog guide agency,
why the heck would they say the dog is ready to go if it is not?  Liability
comes to mind.  However, there are those cases where the dog does start to
show or regress to more immature behaviors, but this probably has more to do
with matching than anything else.  Great topic to discuss though.  


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I totally agree with you here.  Bristol was a program trained dog  
issued at 18 months.  She was very matured and retired due to medical  
reasons.  The dog I had gotten before that was issued at 24 months and  
was very immature.

I start formal harness training around 12-14 months and usually my  
dogs are finished between 18-20 months.  My border collie, Gracy  
didn't really grow up until she was 4, and she retired when she was  
7.  Laveau was born mature, I think and she guided me around Boston  
(which was a totally new city for her) when she was 15 months old and  
her work was flawless.
It really just depends on the dog, I think.

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