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Tracy Carcione carcione at access.net
Fri Apr 15 12:31:17 UTC 2011

Hi Rox.
My Benny isn't a keen follower, either.  He's an independent thinker. He's
a  labrador, with cat or shepherd tendencies.  He'll follow someone for a
little while, if I want him to, but then he'll decide that's too dull and
we'll lose them, if I don't check periodically.  I rather like it that he
doesn't get locked in to follow mode.  I'd swear my shepherd would follow
someone off a cliff, once he got into follow mode.  But poor Nestor was an
anxious guy, and follow must have been easier for him than always worrying
about making the right decisions.  Ben doesn't care; he figures he's
always right.

> Lisa,
> I'm Deafblind and my dog needs to be very solid in the "follow" cue.
> I can't communicate in spoken English and signing tactually while
> walking is nearly impossible unless you are going sighted guide so my
> dog is expected to follow whom I designate.
> She does not follow random people.  The "follow" cue is like any other
> cue.  If you used their logic then why teach the dog any cue because
> the dog may decide to randomly perform it such as turning left even if
> you haven't told the dog to do so.
> What I notice with many dogs is that they like the "follow" cue
> because it is less work to follow someone than to actually guide and
> be focused.  We all like to take the easy rout, dogs included.
> I'm very lucky and probably different than most on this list.  My dog
> is a Doberman and she does not enjoy following others.  She hates
> being forced to walk behind someone and not to make the decisions.
> Controlling? yeah, just a bit. :)
> But I guess I'll keep her.
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