[nagdu] should guides be given a second ownerifitdoesn'tworkoutwith the first owner?

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That is a wonderfully told wonderful story.  What a great dog.

I've come to the conclusion with my own guide dog kinda thing -- who also
adores that man of the house -- that her stubbornness is what I value most
about her as a guide.  If I had a dog who did what I told it to, I would be
in real trouble.  /lol/

As for counter surfing...We actually got through both winter holidays
without a single pie ending up inside the poodle.  This put us all on edge
and made us a little jumpy, because we couldn't believe that would actually
happen, but we finally recovered.  So one night, there was some noise in the
kitchen, a bit of scrape and something hitting the floor.  Tami slept
rhrough it.  DD and BB woke up, decided Tami must be walking around and had
run into something, and started to go back to sleep...

Then they heard another sound (Mitzi must be getting sloppy due to lack of
practice) and found a crime in progress and nearly done.  So much for the
brownies...  It took awhile for them to evaluate the scene of the crime and
work out how it all took place.  Those brownies were quite safely out of
poodle reach -- we have learned our lessons around here, for sure!  As near
as any of us have been able to figure out, she took a flying leap over the
stereo onto the counter from the dining room side, thus inadvertently
pushing the pan of brownies onto the floor and giving herself away.  Not to
be deterred just because the cops were alerted and probably on their way,
she followed the brownies into the kitchen and had her way with them!

So, bad habit not broken, it seems.  I gotta admit, she is certainly clever
and hardworking in the pursuit of her life of crime.  /lol/

Tami Smith-Kinney

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Hi.  Let me tell you about the magical Fuller Brush.  Fuller was 26 
months when I received him.  he was and is a headstrong hard headed 
self absorbed creature.  I think maybe he was raised in a barn as his 
house manners are not wonderful for example he is a sneaky counter 
surfer and even at 7 he still likes to get into things but he had one 
exceptional talent.  He is probably the most awesome guide I have ever 
encountered.  I have had six.  Some of the others probably have equaled 
his abilities but it took a while to hone their skills whereas Fuller 
had those skills coming out of the gate.  Honest to God he was born to 
be a guide and probably a counter surfer too.

I did not bond that well with Fuller as he felt as guide he decided 
what was acceptable and what wasn't and he acted as though anything I 
did for him was the very least I could do and well below what he the 
Magic Fuller deserved but what I needed was a guide and he fit the bill 
perfectly for that so I accepted the rest.

When I returned home with him he immediately totally and helplessly 
fell in love with my husband.  This man was much older than I am and he 
was beginning that decline none of us wishes to consider.  Through that 
time, Fuller continued to work with me and his guide work was perfect 
but as my husband began that downward spiral it was Fuller who was 
close to him.  Although he had children, it was Fuller who loved him, 
who believed in him when he had self doubts, who comforted him when no 
one else could reach him, and who held out hope when things looked very 
bleak.  He is gone now and no one can repay Fuller for the untold 
wonderful good deeds he did for this man and although we have had to 
make some adjustments, Fuller remains the perfect guide or as others 
have referred to him the bomb and of course he also remains a counter 
surfer I just have to use a tie down when I plan to leave things on the

To my knowledge Fuller was not a reissue he also was not extremely 
young when I got him but he does embody every good trait we hope to see 
in a guide-- well except the counter surfing!  laughter. He is the 
Magical and Enchanting Fuller Brush

Diana Dawne PHD
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