[nagdu] should guides be given a second ownerifitdoesn'tworkoutwith the first owner?

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Great answer. I think you make a great point.

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I have read with interest what you all have posted on this subject and 
I thought your ideas are interesting and mine is hardly necessary but 
the more I think about it the more important I think my idea for me 
anyway is so I'll share it with you.

If I have chosen a program that must be that I am willing to place my 
faith and trust in that program otherwise frankly shouldn't I leave?  
If I trust the program shouldn't I trust that the instructors would 
have evaluated the dog they want to give me A school wants successes 
not failures so if I trust the program to do the right thing by me 
wouldn't their choosing a reissued dog be part of my belief in them?

All of us know of instances where bad matches have happened and the dog 
was not a reissued dog.  What would make this any different.

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