[nagdu] Where do I get information

Diana Dawne drdawne at samobile.net
Tue Apr 19 16:23:42 UTC 2011

Hi all.  I have a possible opportunity to go to Hawaii in August to 
present a case I have been working on.  I have not made a decision 
whether I wish to do this or not but I thought maybe I need to be 
asking some questions about what I need to do to take Fuller along.  He 
is a part of this so he needs to go.  I understand that we may take our 
dogs to Hawaii but there are things we need to do beforehand.  Seems to 
me I remember hearing something about having blood tests done thirty 
days before arrival and I seem to remember also hearing that we have to 
use a certain lab but when I heard these things they were of no 
interest to me.  My vet doesn't seem to know so I wonder where I can 
get information.

Bright Blessings,

Diana & that Magical and Enchanting Guide Dog Fuller Brush

Diana Dawne PHD
phone and fax: good for  The United States and Canada 18775232688
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