[nagdu] Going Downhill

Tamara Smith-Kinney tamara.8024 at comcast.net
Thu Apr 21 15:43:50 UTC 2011

Hey!  How do all of you go down hills with your dogs without getting, you
know, seasick?  Or is that just me?  /lol/

Now that I don't have rain as much for an excuse not to get my lazy backside
out with my dog, I'm looking for a route to walk on this side of the Road of
Certain Doom.  The best and safest route to get some decent walking exercise
-- with sidewalks part of the way! -- is up a fairly steep hill.  Good
exercise for the dog, too, since she has to drag me up the thing once I wear
out.  There's even a little spot where I can let her have some run play
before we turn around to come back down...  Supposing I don't break my neck
falling on my nose.  /lol/  How I didn't literally fall on my nose the first
time -- when the effect was a real surprise -- is beyond me.  I  had to sit
down right where I was while the whirling sensation just kept building and
building...  So I couldn't get up.  I've experienced the minor version of
that on gentle downslopes, but never like that!  The only reason I didn't
end up calling DD to come pick me up because I was too seasick to get home
is because I am just too dang stubborn and have way, way too much pride.

So.  By this spring, it seems I can think about taking the hill on again
with getting seasick in advance, and I think this time I'll have a strategy.

So here's my plan, in general:

1.  Take dog on leash, use cane going up and coming down for added reference
point for balance to learn to maintain balance and proprioception on steep

2.  When ready, use guide dog to go up the hill.  Take cane out before
turning around, to use as reference point to judge grade.  Use cane to come

3.  Repeat as necessary, removing cane tip from ground periodically to build
up number of steps to walk without reference point before falling on nose.

4.  Gradually build up until the cane on the ground is no longer necessary.

5.  Start using guide dog to come down and see what happens.  /smile/

Any comments, helpful hints, strong advice, smart remarks about what a dolt
I am?  /lol/


Tami Smith-Kinney

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