[nagdu] NLS book about service dog training

Tracy Carcione carcione at access.net
Sat Apr 23 16:10:56 UTC 2011

There's a book about service dog training on the NLS DTB website.  I think
the title is the same as that of the PBS program we were discussing a
while back that focussed on little kids with service dogs.
Here's the info:
Through a Dog's Eyes
Arnold, Jennifer. Read by Kerry Dukin. Reading time 7 hours 45 minutes.
Animals and Wildlife

Founder of Canine Assistants, a nonprofit organization that provides
service dogs for people with disabilities, offers a guide to training
service animals.
Arnold, who has multiple sclerosis, recounts developing her program and
recalls acts of heroism and hard-won successes. Discusses positive
methods from the viewpoint of the canine. 2010.

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