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Tue Apr 26 16:48:50 UTC 2011

Keep in mind that the mobility instructor only has one perspective. It is very valid and comes from a perspective of the dog being a functional tool. That's all well and good. You will need to integrate the emotions and actually living with the dog which is something your instructor won't have to do. 

A good book you may want to read is Light A Single Candle. It's more of a kid's book but does capture the emotions of getting a guide dog. Not all of them are pleasant. It is worth reading because it's a good story and because it will make you think. 

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That's refreshing an omn that thinks you should get a dog. There aren't enough of them around.

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My ONM instructor tells me that I would be crazy not to get a guyed dog. The 
question is not if, but when is the best time. So, I am weighing the merits 
of getting the guyed dog before, during or after freshmen year. Thanks for 
all your advice.


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> It depends on how much trust and respect you have for your mobility 
> instructor. Mine was opposed to me getting a dog. Fortunately his 
> oppinnion wasn't required for acceptance at my school. It turns out that 
> he was wrong in his assessment. If you want to consult that is up to you. 
> Some oandm,s can be patronizing.
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> Hi Mark,
> I think you should familurize yourself with the campus before you get a 
> dog
> This is just my oppinion but traveling with a dog is different than
> traveling with a cane. Also if you feel comfident that you know your way
> around, it will make things easier on the dog. Remember the dog is not 
> going
> to know the campus you are, it's going to be your job to teach the dog the
> campus. I don't want to discourage you but the first couple of month with
> your new dog are challenging. I think if you like challenges, the two of 
> you
> will be fine. It will get difficult sometimes just be positive and you and
> your guide dog should be fine, that is  if you decide to get one. Maybe 
> you
> should consolt your mobility instructor to ask him/her what you should do
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