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Fri Apr 29 02:09:45 UTC 2011

Hm...  Actually, I think you broke the decision down to its root very well.

I will add, though, that even when you know you can't not make the decision
you want to make, when you have yet to have experience with the thing you've
decided you can't not have...  This is a good time to run your decision
making through as thorough a reality check as you possible can in case you
missed something.

Then just go ahead and do what you were going to do anyway, no matter what
anyone said.  /grin/  That's my approach anyway.  I have that dire need for
charts and graphs and sound numbers and scientific data both Julie and Mark
have mentioned.  Once I have that all together and organized and categorized
and double checked, only then can I go with my gut.  /smile/

Hope you get your new partner before a hot Boise summer kicks in.  /grin/

Tami Smith-Kinney

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Hello all.
I have had two dogs for a total of 17 years.
I haven't had a dog for health reasons for 12 years now.
However, I believe that the question asked by Mark is this simple, agree or
When you can not , can not not be without a dog, then its time for a dog.
If you have to talk yourself in to getting a dog, its not time yet, and for
90 percent of us, never having a guide dog is just fine.
I have been trying for 8 years to get well enough to have a dog again.
I have failed twice, and trying a third time again.
You see, I can can not not have a dog if at all possible.
But others go, so what's the big deal, I don't have to feed, bathe, pick up
after my cane, or friends, well most of them anyway.
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