[nagdu] Dog Team Behavior

Larry D. Keeler lkeeler at comcast.net
Mon Aug 1 23:44:54 UTC 2011

The credentials aren't in question with my frinds case.  He was just a jerk and didn't keep up with what he learned!  The point I was making is tjhat sometimes even though a service dog is accredited and should know its training, sometimes the partner is the one who is lax and lets the training go.  Those folks worry me because the people who encounter that kind of team are not learning what that team should really can be.  I was sitting outside a restraunt one time when someone stopped to talk to me.  She noticed I was petting Holly's head and was really surprised that I was petting her!  Apparently, they encountered someone who would pull the dog around, cuss at it and kick it!  They even tried to call the humane society to complain about his behavior!  They wouldn't touch the case.  I recomended that the next time they saw him they look at the tag and call whatever scool it came from.  I never heard from them. 
Intelligence is always claimed but rarely proven!

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