[nagdu] Dog IDs

Larry D. Keeler lkeeler at comcast.net
Tue Aug 2 01:10:41 UTC 2011

Sorry, that was an example of just bad behavior.  I mentioned it because sometimes folks that do that kind of thing reflect on us.  In that example, he didn't groom his dog properly and whenI got hHolly and went to the same restraunt he did, I heard the owner mention that Holly was clean unlike that other dog that came in!  My real point about IDs is that to many people are slipping dogs under the radar as service dogs when they are not.  A story told by a disc jocky in the Ann Arbor area points this out.  He was flying somewhere and a woman sitting next to him had a miniture poodle on her lap.  I love those things and when I was a teenager, I used to breed them.  I went to Pilot precisely because they bred poodles!  The woman claimed that she needed the woman for emotional support because she was scared of flying.  Apparently, the plane hit turbulance and she didn't even reach for the dog.  To all appearances, it sure seemed like the dog was claimed that way to get out of paying for it to ride underneath.  A couple of weeks after that, on one of the Detroit tv stations, they showed a article on people doing this sort of thing.  The article included a segment on things such as buying harnesses, vests and IDs on the internet!  My daughter has a friend who claims her dog is a hearing assistant.  She baught a vest for 40 dollars at a store.  The thing is a Jack Russel terrier and I have seen it!  It barely knows obedience training!  
Intelligence is always claimed but rarely proven!

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