[nagdu] Sad news, Nala passed away tonight

Mardi Hadfield wolfsinger.lakota at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 01:31:01 UTC 2011

Thank you every one for your kind words.I am still finding it hard to keep a
dry eye when I speak of   Nala.But the kind words from the NAGDU family do
help me feel better. I know that many of you know the same sadness that I am
feeling.She was indeed a very special dog,but you all know how special our
dogs are to us.JD, Nala was retired,but I would take her out once in awhile
to work as this made her very happy. She did not really want to retire and
when she would see me putting Shaman's harness on, she would bring me her
harness. It just about broke my heart to put her harness up where she could
not reach it.I resigned my self to taking her out on certain occasions just
to keep her happy.It was Nala who helped to train Shaman as I would attach
his leash to her harness and worked both dog together. I found that this
helped Shaman to learn faster than when Nick just worked Shaman alone. Also
it was Nala who convinced a reluctant Shaman to get on the elevator. He now
loves to ride elevators and gets excited when I ask him to find it.Nala was
one of those, "so close to perfect" dogs that I became spoiled after working
with her. Shaman is a wonderful guide but he is very different than Nala. I
miss her very much.   Mardi and Shaman.


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