[nagdu] Bottoms Up leash review

Tracy Carcione carcione at access.net
Wed Aug 3 17:25:23 UTC 2011

I got the Bottoms Up leash Monday, in an effort to help my old dog with
It's a Y-shaped affair, with 2 stirrups connected by a belt and a leash
loop.  It's made out of the same nylon leash fabric as the relieving
harness I bought from Pawpower, or the nylon leash I bought at Target. 
There are neoprene tubes wrapped around the stirrups.
Those pads are supposed to end up behind the dog's knees, with the leash
part on her back, so the person can help support the dog's weight.  When
it is like that, it works well, but I'm having a heck of a time getting
there consistently, and I'm usually pretty good at such things.  The
booklet says to lay the leash on the ground and have the dog put its back
paws through the stirrups, then lift up the assembly to the right
position.  When I tried that, the pads kept ending up in front of the
dog's knees, which naturally made walking difficult.  (Ben was a wonderful
guinea pig, very patient.)  So I've ended up putting the belt across the
dog's back, then lifting up her paws and putting them through the
stirrups.  That works better, but is a lot of leg flexing for the old gal.
 She's been patient about it, though.  However, once it's on, it does help
her go up and down the front steps, which is a good thing.  She's only 50
pounds, but still heavy to carry down steps.
I'm still experimenting with tightening things up, in case that helps the
whole thing stay put. If I'm not careful with holding the leash in the
right position, the pads slip around to the front.
I'm still not sure it was a good purchase or not. Rox, if you're still
getting it, I'd be interested in your observations.
There was another thing, the Up and Outward Hound Harness, but Echo is on
the very low end of its range, and the Bottoms Up leash is one size fits
all.  I'll keep trying to master the thing.

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