[nagdu] dog attack

Criminal Justice Major Extraordinaire orleans24 at comcast.net
Wed Aug 3 17:57:03 UTC 2011

Hi, all,
I was briefly listening to the news this morning and heard an unfortunate 
incident of another dog attack that took place in Edgewater here in 
The incident happened on Monday, August 1, 2011.
Apoparently, a mail carrier was in the process of delivering mail when three 
dogs broke through the screen of the storm door of the house.
The mail carrier was injured during the attack and so were two police 
The officers had no choice but to immediately shoot both a rotwiller and pit 
There was a third dog which is still being looked for atthis time.
Dog owner said he/she purposely left the front door opened of the house 
because it was hot and wanted the dogs to be able to get air.
If I were that dog owner, I would have used full common sense to either have 
an air conditioner or fans in the house.
I only hear portions of the story and really don't know the whole outtcome.
As for the mail carrier and the two police officers who were injured, all 
three will be in my thoughts and prayers and can work on getting past the 
unfortunate to look at the brighter side.
I'd definitely like to see that dogn owner not only get charged, but some 
severe punishment for creating a dangerous situation that could have been 
Thanks to another, careless, neglectful pet owner, it is getting tougher for 
those who have dogs and even working dogs.
I've experienced that plenty enough when Odie was my guide and still do 
experience matters.
Still, that doesn't deminish mine or Odie's partnership, despite that he's 
retired from guide dog work and is a medical alert service dog.
It wouldn't surprise me if other cities/towns here in Colorado that don't 
have a specific breed bann yet will probably instate one.
As for Denver, Colorado, rottwillers, pitbulls and other breeds that end up 
with a bad wrath/name including hybrids like Odie for instance since he's a 
hybrid German black lab are banned from the city directly.
I was very fortunate and lucky that Odie was allowed to remain here in 
Denver County only because he's a service dog.
Hybrids are very unpredictable and if you're not paying close attention to 
what is going on and being fully aware, they can easily go off like a time 
I've seen that happen with Odie plenty of times, but still managed to keep 
him under control and in check at and make sure a serious matter wouldn't 
Since this latest incident, I'm still pondering on the thought if whether I 
may purchase liability insurance or not.
Some people may not agree with me doing that, but I know it will protect my 
behind if anything were to happen such as someone or another dog provoking 
my four-legged furry kid.
I wonder how many more irresponsible dog owners are going to show up?
Although I had to put up with people throwing a fit or having a temper 
tantrum when I had to get on Odie's case back when he was a guide, I look 
back and am happy my boy turned out to be a well-behaved and respected dog.
I'm sure things would have been disasterous if I didn't stick to the 
training basics which Pilot Dogs taught me graciously.
just my thoughts and feelings here.

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