[nagdu] Latest info on MAX trains and shocks?

Criminal Justice Major Extraordinaire orleans24 at comcast.net
Mon Aug 8 03:51:34 UTC 2011

Is there still an on-going problem with the Light Rail Max system in 
Portland, Oregon?
I thought that would have been resolved almost nine or ten years ago.
Thankfully, the RTD (Regional Transportation District) light rail system's 
tracks are very well insolated not just only by silver railings on the 
ground, but rubber insolators as well.
I still had Odie wear booties when crossing over the tracks though, 
especially during the winter months or even during rainy times to be on the 
safe side.
He even wore them on the escolators as well.
If there is still an on-going problem with the MAX light rail, I really do 
hope a solution can be found to put an end to it all.
Safe travels and I do hope you and your partner stay safe.
Bibi and retired Odie 

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