[nagdu] nagdu using 911 for access denial?

GARY STEEVES rainshadowmusic at shaw.ca
Wed Aug 10 22:15:03 UTC 2011

Hello everyone:

I'm not sure if you are able to do this in the united states but in canada I have talked with my cell phone provider, explaining that I am visually impaired and unable to access normal directories. I have been able to get them to provide free 411 (information) on my cell phone. It is charged and then refunded in typical cell phone billing confusion. :)
I'm pretty sure that I've heard on other technology lists I have been on that cell phone providers in the states would do this as well. Regardless though, it is a good practice to have the non-emergency police number in your phones contacts. (I need to do this myself)


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> Hi, Marion,
> Excellent and great suggestion.
> I've used directory assistance on my cel phone before which did help.
> As for the price of directory assistance, it actually went up to 
> $1.50 here in Colorado.
> am not sure about it in other states here in the U.S.
> I have my local Fire Department, Paramedic and Police 
> Departments programmed into my contacts on my cel phone.
> If I remember correctly but probably don't 9 1 1 is also 
> programmed to where I just speed dial by pressing the 9key and 
> holding it down to where I'll automatically get connected.
> Toll free numbers are great for organizations as it does help 
> cut down on long-distance charges.
> Bibi and retired Odie
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> because he behaves like a wolf at times 
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