[nagdu] Dogs, NFB and cane travel

Larry D. Keeler lkeeler at comcast.net
Sat Aug 13 21:17:35 UTC 2011

Good points Ann!  I also get the feeling that NFB at best tolerates us a the service animal users.  Our state president however always says to us,"if you don't like what NFB is about, then chang it".  No, I don't want to change what we're about entirely.  I believe that everyone should be taught cane and braille skills.  Especially children who have to grow into the responsibility of having and caring for an animal.  Also, older folks should be taught to use the cane and probblem solve before becoming an animal user.  I have met some dog users who expect there dogs to find everything for them and protect them from other people as well.  holly did learn where the coffee pot was at Pilot though!  It was the first place we went every morning!  I also have heard that stuff about Seeing Eye and them claiming to take the best of the best!  I'm not really sure about that but I have read 2 books about the school and they certainly give that impression!  I don't know if they're right or wrong but I have met folks from the school who have impressed me and others who I hoped there dog would would lead them to the edge of a big holw and drop them in!  lastly, you can write me off list or publish it on list but I'm really curious about the differences between horse and dog guides.  I know that horses and dogs are both quite intelligent but that they do different things with that intelligence.  I don't think for example that horses are likely to chase squirrels!  Nor do I suspect they are into crotch sniffing but I am not sure about that one!  
Intelligence is always claimed but rarely proven!

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