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Tracy Carcione carcione at access.net
Tue Aug 16 14:41:24 UTC 2011

Larry, I don't know of any school that has a dress code.  Do you? Seeing
Eye used to, a long time ago, but that's ancient history.  My dog is from
TSE, and I've had dogs from GDB before him.  Both places asked us to wear
something "nice" to lunch, when visitors were possibly joining us. I
expect clean jeans would have qualified; I prefer skirts myself, so didn't
try it, but didn't ever hear of someone being sent back upstairs to change
As for workouts, we were free to wear whatever we wanted.  I remember a
trainer at GDB laughing at my pale non-Californian legs when I wore
shorts.  "Two extra white lines on the road!"  I was much amused.  And
kept wearing shorts, anyway.
So, if any school still has a dress code, I'd like to know who.

> Steve, I don't think that Marion was trying to do that iether.  When
> talking about dog schools, I think of Pilot first because I'm familiar
> with that school.  My earlier comment about Pilot and shepherds was
> admitedly based on only a couple of sheperds I met there.  Then, I
> remembered Steve Hoyt bringing a shepherd to our 2008 and 2010 vendor
> fairs and I was impressed with him!  The only school that I talked to that
> I got a bad feeling from was Seeing Eye but not because of the dog
> interaction but because of the representative who was selling the school.
> This is not to say that the school was bad but I don't think that
> particular rep was into selling the school.  Well, I also got a bad
> feeling from Desert dogs when I called them and they couldn't fund my
> transportation and complained about losing costumers and funding.  But
> even that school has alumni that had good experiences there!  When I
> looked for a school, I was looking for certain things that dropped out
> most of the l
>  esser known schools.  I was left with all the well known schools and
> really it came down to the poodles and the schooll that had the least
> restrictions.  I am blind but I don't have to be the best of the best or
> give my underware size to the school while applying.  I don't have to
> work a dog in dress clothes to be good!  I don't have to learn life
> skills lik how to properly eat, use a gps or any other small thing that
> sighted folks think we should learn to be "the pretty blind".  I wanted a
> poodle, learned to pick up poop and all the other issues connected with
> dogs and there behavior in tank tops and shorts, with good walking shoes!
>  It was in the mid ninties almost every day when I was in Columbus!  Yes,
> I did have nice clothes and did use them when appropriate!  Intelligence
> is always claimed but rarely proven!
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